Sell your car in Washington in four easy steps:

  •    Give us a call at our local Washington office.
  •    Give the conditions of the car over the phone for your offer!
  •    Accept our offer, and tell us where your car is located in Washington.
  •    At We Buy Junk Cars WA, we'll even tow your junk car and pay you in cash at the time of pick up!
Junking Cars Washington

Junk Your Car For Cash in Washington

We at We Buy Junk Cars WA buy cars of all makes, models, age, functionality, and sizes. So that old pickup truck that’s been collecting dirt in your backyard? Yeah, we’ll take that too. And you’ll walk away from the encounter a little richer than you were before. What about that SUV that still runs, but costs a small fortune to maintain? We’ll take that off your hands, and leave you with the funds to put toward something new.

Free Junk Car Removal from Any Washington Location

Have a junked car taking up space in your driveway? At We Buy Junk Cars WA, we provide a free junk car removal service to all communities in Washington.  

Call We Buy Junk Cars WA and we will send one of our professional team members to tow your unwanted vehicle.   

cash for cars In Washington

What You Need to Sell Your Old Car to We Buy Junk Cars WA:

A junk car to sell. Your car can be a used car, wrecked car, scrap car, non-running car, or just an unwanted car. We buy any and all cars.

The title to the car for sale. Proof of ownership is required for anyone to sell any type of vehicle.

The location of your vehicle. We will need to know where the car is located so our junk car removal services can tow your car away for free.

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Call Today to Sell Your Junk Car

Have an old or beat up car that you are looking to get rid of? We are the NUMBER ONE buyer of junk and extra cars and trucks in the Washington area. We are a full service junk vehicle buyer, and is always there to help you clear your yard or driveway of those cars and trucks that you have been meaning to get rid of for quite a while. We know that sometimes it just isn’t worth it to fix that 15 year old SUV and try to sell it yourself, that’s why we specialize in taking care of that for you. Call today and get a no obligation cash quote and clear your driveway and your mind.

Call We Buy Junk Cars WA today!

Get paid cash for your junk car from the most reliable car buyers in Washington.